Indigenous Law Insights: June Webinar

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June 28, 2022


30 Min

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Staying abreast of developments in Indigenous law and policy is critical for legal and business professionals in many industries across Canada. To help you stay current, Osler is pleased to present Indigenous Law Insights, a monthly webinar series.

Available live and on-demand, each 30 minute session will provide you with an update on recent court decisions, as well as pending and new legislative and policy developments. Members of our Indigenous Law group will deliver timely and practical information about what these developments mean for your business.

on Tuesday, June 28th Isabelle Crew was joined by members of our Litigation and Regulatory, Environmental, Indigenous and Land Groups, Sean Sutherland and David Rankin to discuss:

  • The implications of the first consent-based decision-making agreement reached under British Columbia’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act
  • The availability of interlocutory injunctions and other relief in support of claims for Aboriginal rights and title, using the recent decision in Reece v Canada (Attorney General), 2022 BCSC 865 as a launch point

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