Q4 2022 Economic Update with Stephen Poloz

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November 15, 2022


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Since remaining public health restrictions were lifted, mobility has increased, propelling consumer spending and corporate profits. At the same time, employers can’t find workers and average Canadians struggle to manage increasing costs for a range of goods and services.

For prospective home buyers, those with mortgages renewing and lines of credit, the pinch of rising interest rates continues to impact the real estate market. With inflation remaining high in Canada, the Bank of Canada has signaled it will increase interest rates again to slow spending. As the global economy continues to slow, investors are concerned that rising borrowing costs will push major economies into recession.

In this informative webinar, Osler Special Advisor, and former Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz sat down with Osler National Co-Chair Shahir Guindi for a fourth quarter discussion on what’s in store for the balance of 2022 . Stephen’s unique experience and insights into complex economic conditions make this essential viewing for business professionals and investors alike.

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