Osler AI Series Module 2 – Data, Intellectual Property and Privacy

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March 30, 2023


11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. ET

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This webinar series is designed to foster knowledge of critical legal and business issues raised by the development and use of artificial intelligence. We are bringing together AI experts from Osler and across industry to explore and better understand the power of AI and its impact on us all.

In our first webinar, we focused on the building blocks of AI, including what AI is, how AI systems are developed and emerging AI ecosystems. Our second webinar will focus on data, intellectual property and privacy.

We will explore:

  • The importance of data for AI development and use
  • The characteristics of different types of data (including input data, open data, synthetic data, training data and output data)
  • How data is acquired for AI purposes (including proprietary and open licenses and data scraping)
  • What IP issues are raised by using data for AI purposes (including the scope of fair dealing and other exceptions to copyright infringement)
  • What IP rights exist in the output of an AI model and who might own them
  • What IP rights in AI output a user needs
  • What privacy and cybersecurity issues need to be addressed
  • The implications of privacy reforms in Canada
  • What data governance considerations companies need to be aware of

Osler AI Series Module 2 – Data, Intellectual Property and Privacy

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