Exploring a Governance Model for Demonstrable Accountability: Health Privacy Call - February 28, 2024

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February 28, 2024


50 Min

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Hosted by Adam Kardash and Rosario Cartagena

Starting in 2024, we are launching a new quarterly health privacy call focused on the increasingly wide array of issues that intersect the lawful use of data in Canada’s health system. As a complement to our Inaugural Health Privacy Symposium last November, our conversations will continue to convene leading experts, privacy regulatory authorities, and decision-makers, and we will introduce topics relevant to organizations in the health, public and private sectors.

Our inaugural AccessPrivacy health privacy call will focus on the concept of demonstrable accountability, which has become a key expectation for Canadian privacy regulatory authorities across the health, private and broader public sectors. The discussion will specifically focus on the new (and very detailed) standards for demonstrable accountability contained in the updated Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario’s (IPC’s) Manual for the Review and Approval of Prescribed Persons and Prescribed Entities and how an appropriately robust privacy and data management program has become a critical means for all types of organizations to demonstrate their accountability for the personal information under their control.

Adam Kardash and Rosario Cartagena will moderate a discussion with:

  • Andrew Drummond, Director of Health Policy, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC);
  • Nadia Remtulla, Privacy Director, Ontario Health; and
  • Rhonda Wing, Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

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