Osler By Request – CPD training for in-house teams

We offer a wide range of CPD programs to help larger in-house legal teams fulfill professional development requirements, including professionalism and substantive credits. Our flexible Osler By Request CPD programs can be customized to your team’s specific interests and needs, and delivered at a time that is convenient for you. We can also work with you to develop new programs upon your request and deliver them at your location or our office. Our CPD programs for In-House Counsel cover four key areas:

  • Business Leadership 
  • Ethics & Professionalism
  • Risk Management and Crisis Response
  • Working In-House

If three or more smaller teams are interested in a certain program, we can run that program at our location for the interested parties. 

Check this page often as new Osler By Request seminars are regularly added. For more information, or to discuss organizing a program for your team, please contact the Osler partner you work with or Lori Gauld, Director, Learning Initiatives (professionaldevelopment@osler.com).

Business Leadership Series for In-House Counsel

The Art of Feedback

1.0 hour Professionalism

Feedback comes in a variety of forms. Praise can be used to celebrate good work and developmental feedback can help juniors or staff grow their skills. There are also more challenging course corrections you can use to manage work up, down and across your organization and communicate with different colleagues. While even the simplest constructive feedback can have unpredictable results, there are strategies that can help you address work results more comfortably and quickly.

Learning to Lead

1.0 hour Professionalism

In this program, we will discuss how leadership in a legal environment translates to community work and vice versa. We will look at core leadership skills, including characteristics of a good leader and creating a vision, and how to develop and apply them, individually and organizationally. This session will draw on your own leadership experiences and skills, great or small, and discuss how to develop your leadership style, how to lead others and some common leadership challenges.

DiSC for Lawyers

1.5 hours Professionalism, 0.5 hour Substantive = 2.0 Total CPD hours

DiSC is a behavioural profile assessment — and one of the most commonly used tools in leadership training around the world. It is both a self-awareness tool and a framework for working effectively with different behavioural styles. As a legal professional, you must collaborate with others to get work done. DiSC can help you communicate across style differences. (Participants will have an opportunity to complete a 10-minute online assessment and will receive a personalized report before the program. This two-hour workshop is live, and not available via webinar.)

LPI for In-House Counsel

0.5 hour Professionalism, 0.5 hour Substantive = 1.0 Total CPD hour

Using a process improvement lens to focus on defining, documenting and optimizing legal processes can help with increasing demands for efficiency across all areas of business. This interactive session introduces key process improvement concepts from LEAN and Six Sigma with an opportunity to apply these to your work environments.

Leading Change in Legal 

1.0 hours Professionalism

Change is the new normal, yet navigating the evolving legal environment is not getting any easier. Whether you are leading the charge or are looking to adopt new practices, there are number of techniques that can help you make the best of your change experience.


Ethics & Professionalism Credits for In-House Counsel

Ethics in Settlement Negotiations

1.0 hour Professionalism

In-house counsel are often asked to negotiate a settlement of a complaint or claim before fees are incurred. It is good practice to establish a reputation of credibility in negotiations; as lawyers, we are held to a higher standard of ethics, especially when negotiating with non-lawyers. This session highlights ethical tips and traps in settlement negotiations and provides some best practices.

Ethical Dilemmas for In-House Counsel

1.0 hour Professionalism

This seminar includes an interactive scenario-based discussion of ethical issues that can arise for in-house counsel. Scenarios can be tailored to suit your industry and specific challenges of the client. Topics may include conflicts, who’s the client, confidentiality and duty to report. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

Risk Management and Crisis Response

Risk Management & Crisis Response

1.0 hour Professionalism

Increasingly, corporations face an assortment of challenges that expose them and their officers and directors to litigation, regulatory, reputational and other risks. It often falls to the general counsel to properly identify, manage and mitigate such risks before they cascade into a crisis. These legal and ethical duties are a constant challenge, but in-house counsel need not feel alone. This session will analyze in-house counsel's biggest regulatory concerns as gleaned from recent industry research and how comprehensive compliance programs can be built to address these concerns proactively.

Protecting Privilege

1.0 hour Professionalism

This presentation explores practical issues of privilege confronting in-house counsel in today’s business environment, including the protection of privilege in the context of internal investigations and how and when privilege may be maintained over documents shared with third parties such as auditors, insurers, co-defendants and parties on opposite sides of a deal.

Conducting Investigations: Practical, Strategic and Ethical Considerations

0.5 hour Professionalism + 0.5 hour Substantive = 1.0 Total CPD hour

Internal corporate investigations have become an increasingly important responsibility for corporations and their internal counsel in light of greater regulatory scrutiny and the growth of both governmental and private enforcement. In this session, we will discuss some of the key issues relevant to conducting effective internal investigations, including when to conduct an investigation; how to establish the investigation’s scope and parameters; whether to advise boards of directors, engage outside auditors and counsel and alert law enforcement; and what should be done once the investigation has been completed.

Multijurisdictional Antitrust Investigations: What In-House Counsel Should Know

0.75 hour Professionalism + 0.25 hour Substantive = 1.0 Total CPD hour

Compliance with today’s competition laws has become a critical focus for business. This presentation explores tactical and ethical issues that often arise in antitrust investigations, and best practices for managing critical situations and antitrust risk. Our panel explores key components of a global response strategy, ethical perspectives on corporate internal investigations, document production and privilege issues in a multijurisdictional context, and best practices for minimizing antitrust risk.

Working In-House

Collaboration Strategies

1.0 hour Professionalism, 0.5 hour Substantive = 1.5 Total CPD Hours

This is a highly interactive session exploring expert research and best practices on teamwork and collaboration. A blend of discussion and interactivity, this session is designed to impart strategies for working with different personalities, having difficult conversations and delivering feedback of all kinds, and will provide many other collaboration tips.

Outlook Email Management: Efficiency

1.0 hour Professionalism

Lawyers often struggle with an email backlog and an overwhelming, non-stop flow of messages, while juggling their other responsibilities. This session will provide tips to help lawyers better manage their inbox and improve practice efficiency in Outlook. Each organization is different — we can work with you to determine which tips would be the most relevant to your group.

IT Security

1.0 hour Professionalism

As lawyers, we increasingly use technology to communicate and work on sensitive information on a variety of devices. With sophisticated hackers looking to exploit oversights and weaknesses, what are the best practices we should be adopting to protect ourselves and the company we work for? As working in “the cloud” becomes increasingly mainstream, what inquiries should lawyers be making about cloud services and service providers? What precautions should we take when crossing borders? This session explores our obligation to protect our clients’ confidentiality whether working at the office, remotely or from the cloud.

Multiple Roles of In-House Counsel

1.0 hour Professionalism

In-house counsel have multiple responsibilities with respect to governance, ethics, compliance and risk. They also have professional responsibilities, and securities regulators and investors consider in-house counsel to be gatekeepers with responsibility for thwarting wrongdoing. This session discusses how in-house counsel can effectively manage these multiple roles and expectations, as well as explores the limits to the lawyer’s role under professional codes of conduct and law. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

LPM 101: The Essentials

1.0 hour Professionalism

This seminar provides an interactive introduction to the principles, terminology and concepts of project management as applied to legal matters. It includes practical scenarios relating to working with the business on legal matters and managing external counsel. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

LPM 201: Putting it into Practice

1.0 hour Professionalism

This interactive session engages participants in a discussion that covers a variety of scenarios in legal project management, such as scoping work, communication issues between in-house counsel and outside counsel, internal communication issues and managing expectations of the business. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

Resilience Through Positive Psychology

1.0 hour Professionalism

This session explores how positive psychology techniques build resilience in lawyers that can then fuel success and performance at work. Through the use of video and discussion, this session will outline Shawn Achor’s seven principles of positive psychology and explore how they can lead to more success in life and work.


Substantive Credits

Our lawyers are thought leaders on the most current substantive legal topics and trends in Canadian business law. View our upcoming seminars or previously recorded seminars for a representative sample of our current substantive credit program offerings.


Have other ideas? Contact us at ProfessionalDevelopment@osler.com and we will work with you to develop other topics for your team.

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