China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. in the sale by Louis Dreyfus Company of its global metals business to NCCL Natural Resources Investment Fund for US$466 million


China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.


US$466 million


Mergers and Acquisitions

Date Closed

May 2018



Lead Office

New York


On May 11, 2018, Louis Dreyfus Company ("LDC") completed its sale of its global Metals business ("LDC Metals") to NCCL Natural Resources Investment Fund for US$466 million, managed by New China Capital Legend as general partner, with two limited partners of AXAM Asset Management (“AXAM”) and China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. (“CMOC”).

CMOC is a joint stock company established in the People's Republic of China. The Company is primarily engaged in the mining and processing, smelting, deep processing, trade, research and development of molybdenum, tungsten, gold and other precious metals.

LDC is a global merchant company that is involved in agriculture, food processing, international shipping, and finance.

LDC Metals originates, consolidates, blends, tolls, transports and merchandizes base and precious metals in raw and refined form.

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP represented CMOC with a team consisting of Marc Kushner, Lynne Lacoursière, Alix Morse, and Jillian Mulroy (Corporate), Jennifer Lee, Paul Seraganian, and Julie Geng (Tax), Shuli Rodal (Competition/Antitrust & Foreign Investment), and Andrew Herr (Banking and Financial Services).

Marc  Kushner
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Marc Kushner

Partner, Corporate

Lynne Lacoursière - Corporate Lawyer

Lynne Lacoursière

Partner, Corporate

Alix Morse

Alix Morse

Associate, Corporate

Jillian Mulroy

Jillian Mulroy

Associate, Corporate

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Partner, Taxation

Paul Seraganian - Cross Border Tax Lawyer

Paul Seraganian

New York Managing Partner

Shuli Rodal - Competition Lawyer

Shuli Rodal

Partner, Competition/Antitrust & Foreign Investment

Andrew G.  Herr

Andrew G. Herr

Partner, Financial Services