Homburg Invest, Inc.

Homburg Invest, Inc. in connection with its $3 billion debt restructuring and recapitalization under the CCAA


Homburg Invest, Inc.


$3 billion


Insolvency and Restructuring

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Osler represents Homburg Invest, Inc. in its CCAA proceedings, comprehensive restructuring and related litigation. Homburg Invest, Inc. held a large portfolio of commercial, industrial and residential real estate assets in seven countries in North America and Europe. Osler developed its restructuring plan, involving an investment by the Catalyst Capital Group Inc. and the transfer of the valuable European property portfolio to a newco owned by Homburg’s creditors, with a liquidation of the balance of the estate.  

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP represents Homburg Invest, Inc. with a team consisting of Sandra Abitan, Martin Desrosiers, Tracy Sandler (Insolvency & Restructuring), Etienne Massicotte (Financial Services), Shelley Obal (Research), Robert Raizenne, and Antoine Stébenne (Taxation).

Sandra Abitan - Montréal Managing Partner
Key Contact

Sandra Abitan

Montréal Managing Partner

Tracy Sandler - Restructuring and Insolvency Lawyer

Tracy Sandler

Partner, Insolvency & Restructuring

Etienne  Massicotte

Etienne Massicotte

Partner, Financial Services

Shelley  Obal

Shelley Obal

Partner, Research

Robert  Raizenne

Robert Raizenne

Partner, Taxation

Antoine Stébenne

Antoine Stébenne

Partner, Taxation