Robert Mandel, Investor in Ingersoll Tillage Group

Robert Mandel and Ingersoll Tillage Group, on ONCAP’s significant investment in ITG


Robert Mandel, Investor in Ingersoll Tillage




Mergers and Acquisitions

Date Closed

June 2015

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On June 2, 2015, Ingersoll Tillage Group and its majority owned subsidiary, Corporacion Patricio Echeverria, announced the sale of a substantial portion of its shares to ONCAP. This investment is being made in partnership with Robert Mandel, ITG shareholder and successful Canadian entrepreneur, with ownership interests in leading steel processing and distribution businesses. The investment will be made by ONCAP III, a $800 million fund.

Robert Mandel was represented by Osler with a group comprised of John Groenewegen, Ivan Pankoff, Justin Dharamdial, John Valley and Alix Morse (private equity);  Shuli Rodal (regulatory); Kimberley Wharram, Ina Eroff and Paul Seraganian (tax).