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Canada’s aerospace and defence sector has long been a major contributor to the country’s economy. Canada’s rich history in aerospace innovation makes it well positioned to lead the way, whether that’s developing new technologies for space flight, more energy efficient airplanes, or platforms that create more productive supply chains.

There may be some challenging times ahead. It could take years before commercial travel and demand for aircraft and related services gets back to pre-COVID-19 levels, while defence budgets, which have remained stable, could come under pressure as countries find ways to reduce debt.

However, adversity often breeds opportunity. There are a plethora of start-ups creating technologies that could make everything from manufacturing to travel to sector-related trade easier to do, while many experts think M&A activity will pick up as larger players buy smaller operations for growth. A broader array of capital market players, including private equity and venture capital, are looking to finance innovation, too.

Work highlight

Spire Global in its $204.2 million acquisition of exactEarth

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Work highlight

CAE Inc. in its acquisition of Bombardier’s Business Aircraft Training (BAT) business for US$645 million

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Companies that want to thrive in the aerospace and defence industry need to work with a legal team that understands this sector. At Osler, we’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the aerospace and defence industry on a wide range of legal issues including strategic acquisitions and divestitures, financing, government procurement policies and supply chain arrangements, and we help businesses understand competition and foreign investment rules, as well as navigate complex employment and intellectual property matters. We also have extensive litigation experience, representing multiple airlines in class actions and other matters, including an appearance before the Supreme Court of Canada.

As we enter the post-pandemic era,  businesses need to think about how they can best adapt – and thrive – in this ever-changing industry. Our team at Osler can help you strategize, identify opportunities and, most importantly, prepare for what’s to come.