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Over the past several years, companies in Canada’s aerospace and defence industry have been pursuing M&A opportunities domestically and internationally,  while foreign operations have been increasing their deal-making activity. COVID-19 caused some deals in this sector to slow, but transactions will likely continue to pick up as companies implement their post-pandemic planning.

Anyone who has done a deal in aerospace and defence knows that M&A in this industry is complex with numerous regulations to follow, intricate supply chains to understand, and detailed government contracts to get a handle on.  Issues related to tax, competition and antitrust need to be carefully managed as they can often upend potential opportunities.

Osler’s team has considerable experience working on M&A transactions. We’ve helped companies acquire major businesses, divest of underperforming assets, secure financing for significant transactions, negotiate numerous agreements and seek out new growth-focused M&A opportunities. We draw on our team of experts across the firm to assist with all aspects of a transaction, including on issues that involve employees, taxes, pensions and more.

With the Aerospace and Defence sector continuing to evolve and innovate, taking advantage of opportunities will be necessary for future success.

Recent experience

CAE Inc.

CAE Inc. in its acquisition of Bombardier’s Business Aircraft Training (BAT) business for US$645 million. The acquisition increases CAE’s ability to address the long-term and growing market demand for business aviation professionals.

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