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Agriculture may be a centuries-old industry, but many think this sector will soon experience a growth boom not seen since the 1800s. According to McKinsey, over the next 30 years, the global population will expand by 2 billion more people, which will increase caloric demand by 70%, and crop demand for human consumption and animal feed by at least 100%. Besides needing to produce more food, a number of other trends are shaping this sector, too: a focus on environmental sustainability, productivity-enhancing technology, construction of production facilities and demand for new products such as plant based proteins, locally produced fertilizer, cannabis, and more.

While agribusiness will, at its heart, always involve growing crops, dairy farming and raising poultry and livestock’, the industry could look a lot different in the coming years. Larger players in Canada and beyond will more aggressively pursue M&A opportunities as they try and increase their market share, move up the value chain, become more efficient and add new technological capabilities; start-ups will create products that both enhance and disrupt the current way of doing business; capital markets players will become increasingly interested in funding innovative ideas and new opportunities for growth.

To succeed, companies require a deep understanding of the many trends shaping this industry. They must know how to navigate tougher regulations, more complicated supply chains, difficult trade issues and international business relations. They’ll need to develop M&A strategies, protect intellectual property, secure growth financing and project financing, negotiate partnerships with tech firms, governments and other industry players, and much more. Doing all of that requires working with a law firm that has the end-to-end agribusiness sector experience needed to help companies thrive.

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How we can help

Consisting of expert lawyers drawn from practice areas across the firm, Oslers Agribusiness team provides technical legal advice and practical business guidance on the multi-faceted Agribusiness, Ag Inputs and Agtech sectors, which include everything from primary production and aggregation; to plants, processing and equipment; to transportation and international trade, with technological innovation at every step of the process.

As Agribusiness continues to be shaped by growth in population worldwide, ongoing technological developments and ever-shifting consumer wants and needs, Osler can provide timely advice and strategic insight for succeeding in this dynamic Canadian and international set of industries. We offer guidance through every stage of the business cycle for clients engaged in agricultural-related activities, whether cross-border or local.

We have the breadth of knowledge and experience to understand the wide-ranging issues that participants face. We can assist with:

  • Establishing new enterprises and assisting with capital-raising for their ongoing growth and development
  • Addressing the full range of supply chain issues, including contractual arrangements and disputes
  • Dealing with matters related to the facilities and plants that are vital to operations in the Agribusiness sector.

Our Agribusiness team includes Osler Special Advisor, Brad Wall, the former Premier of Saskatchewan. Mr. Wall offers Osler clients his strategic insight and invaluable guidance, particularly in relation to the agri-food and energy industries.

To face the challenges and opportunities in this space, you need to work with a firm that’s dealt with everything that could possibly come your way. With our deep industry expertise, and proven track record of helping many of the sector’s brand-name clients, we can ensure you’re set up for long-term success.