Energy - Insolvency and Restructuring

Many energy companies have come and gone over the years, and whether you’re an upstream, midstream, downstream or integrated operation, it’s important to understand how insolvency and restructuring works and what could happen to your business if challenges persist.

Insolvency and restructuring is one of the more complicated legal issues a business may need to deal with, which is why handling these types of matters requires specialized expertise.

Osler is one of the top insolvency and restructuring firms in Canada, and has decades of experience working with energy companies to wind down operations or restructure in a way that helps them come out stronger on the other side. We have advised a range of institutional clients and senior executives in the oil and gas industry on the right approach to take in a variety of distressed asset situations. We’ve worked on cross-border matters in the energy industry and have the leading debtor practice in the country.

With the energy industry facing a volatile future, it’s important to work with legal experts who know the industry well and have the expertise to help you manage through challenging times.


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