Energy - Regulatory, Indigenous and Environmental

Canada’s energy industry operates in one of the world’s strictest regulatory regimes. The rules that apply from federal, territorial and provincial bodies are ones that businesses must comply with, including regulations that govern the environment, Indigenous rights and land ownership. These rules are complicated and can be challenging to navigate.

The Regulatory, Indigenous and Environmental Group at Osler is an integrated team operating across Canada with significant expertise advising on a range of issues that span the resource sector and specifically provide timely and practical strategic advice to the energy industry.

We’ve worked on countless matters, from environmental and Aboriginal law to land and market regulation with companies in the energy, natural resource and infrastructure spaces. We provide invaluable assistance on developing large-scale industrial projects, including pipelines and oil sands and electric generation facilities, and have helped many companies obtain all of their necessary regulatory approvals.

Navigating these areas of concern requires a team, which is why it’s important to work with a firm that understands the nuanced rules that apply to the energy industry.

Osler’s team of experts have drafted numerous agreements with Indigenous groups, have extensive experience advising clients on Indigenous law, consultation, benefits agreements and related litigation. We have also advised on a variety of land-related issues, including ones related to the acquisition and disposition of lands and commercial developments, pipeline relocations, commercial and residential subdivisions and foreign ownership. We have also helped clients in environmental litigation, and can provide guidance on existing operations, risk management and mitigation and emergency response if an environmental incident arises.

As the energy industry continues to evolve, more environmental and land-use issues will arise, and it will be important to work effectively with all community stakeholders and stay on the right side of regulatory requirements. That is why you need to work with a firm that can help you overcome obstacles to help your project stay on track.

Recent experience

Equinor Canada Limited

Equinor Canada Limited in the environmental assessment, regulatory and indigenous relations matters related to the potential Bay du Nord offshore oil project. The project is expected to deliver oil by 2025. The project would be the province’s first deepwater oil site and would provide the potential for billions in revenue and hundreds of jobs.

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Drilling platform

Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil in its pipeline approval (leave to construct) from the Ontario Energy Board for leave to construct approximately 63 kilometers of pipeline to transport refined oil products from Hamilton, Ontario to the City of Toronto. The project is a proactive replacement of an important segment of Imperial’s Sarnia Products Pipeline.

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Aerial view of refinery factory oil storage tank at night

TC Energy

TC Energy in its approved North Montney Mainline Project. The project is expected to deliver approximately $100 million in construction contracts for Indigenous businesses and workers and will bring approximately 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from northern British Columbia east into Alberta and downstream markets.

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Pipeline construction in hilly landscape
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