Government and Public Sector

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Effective government relations require a specialized approach and skillset that include strategic consideration of legal and practical matters, a deep understanding of policy and decision-making priorities, and deft negotiating abilities — regardless of which side of the table you’re sitting on. The public and private sectors must work hand in hand to achieve mutual success. From questions of procurement and international trade to public-private partnerships (P3) and municipal law matters, it’s critical to have experienced counsel advising you on the best course of action to meet your organization’s objectives.

Procurement, in particular, can present various challenges for the public and the private sectors. The legal requirements for the procurement process — including tendering and requests for proposals (RFPs) — can vary between jurisdictions. Navigating this landscape requires expert guidance and insight gained from years of experience.

How we can help

At Osler, our lawyers have developed a solid reputation for advising private-sector clients on government relations and representing government entities in their dealings with business. Our experience spans industries — from construction and infrastructure to commercial real estate, privacy and cybersecurity — and practice areas — including municipal law, environmental law, dispute resolution, risk management and corporate commercial.

We have advised public and private organizations in complex litigation and regulatory enforcement matters, including risk management for nuclear waste management organizations, class actions and massive infrastructure projects. As a result, you have access to the multidisciplinary team of experts you need to resolve the issues you’re facing and meet your bottom-line objectives.