Infrastructure - Municipal, Land Use Planning & Development

As the economy moves closer to its post-pandemic phase, infrastructure opportunities will likely increase. With every project, there are many land use–related rules and regulations to follow and failing to fully understand the rules can have consequences, including approval delays, higher costs and frustrated stakeholders.

At the same time, governments know that they need to encourage infrastructure investments, which means the companies that can adeptly navigate planning and development issues will be that much more likely to get their shovels in the ground.

Whether you’re updating a brownfield project, working on a complex transportation development or involved in an energy-related initiative, Osler has the expertise you need to navigate approval processes and protect your business from land use-related conflicts. We have worked with many of Canada’s largest firms on securing planning approvals, submitting land development applications and appearing in front of municipal dispute resolution bodies and administrative tribunals such as Ontario’s Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. We also have extensive experience working on several major infrastructure projects, such as airports, pipelines, hydro transmission lines, electricity generation facilities and hospitals.

Osler’s team knows how to deal with complicated land use and planning and development issues.


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