Mining & Natural Resources - Insolvency and Restructuring

There are no guarantees that mining companies will strike gold – or another commodity they’re trying to mine – which means that businesses can ultimately go bankrupt. Cost overruns, a lack of financing and unexpected shortcomings in reserves can also cause companies to turn to restructuring with the hopes of coming out stronger on the other side.

However, insolvency and restructuring procedures are complicated, with creditors, equity holders and other stakeholders all seeking to get paid. Businesses may also be trying to negotiate new financing, while also dealing with employee agreements, complicated international operations and environmental issues to consider.

If your company finds itself in a position where it is insolvent or needs to restructure, Osler’s Mining Group can help. We’ve worked with large, mid-cap and junior miners to sort out complex creditor arrangements, deal with their cross-border businesses, and negotiate solutions to help miners minimize their risks.


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