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As the number of healthcare innovations have increased over the years, so too have the number of M&A deals in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Life sciences sector. Larger companies are looking to acquire smaller operations that have found success, while smaller operations are coming together to bring game-changing medications to market.

Those who either want to acquire or divest must be mindful of the various M&A-related complexities inherent in this sector. Complicated regulations, drug pricing policies, tighter regulatory requirements, intellectual property protections and more must be considered when venturing into a transaction in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Life Sciences industries.

At Osler, we have worked on many major deals in this sector and advised on a wide range of transaction-related matters, including financing and strategic collaboration agreements. From large pharmaceuticals and start-up biotech firms to venture capital and private equity companies, we’ve helped players in this industry carry out their M&A strategies.

With the pandemic putting more attention on this sector than ever before, and with several medical innovations regularly coming out of this industry, there are opportunities for M&A-related growth.

Recent experience

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bristol Myers Squibb in its acquisition of Forbius. The acquisition allows Bristol Myers Squibb to extend its leading position in oncology and include new pathways to serve more patients.

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Multichannel pipette injecting liquid into a microtiter plate

Acasti Pharma Inc.

Acasti in its definitive agreement to acquire Grace Therapeutics.  Upon completion of the acquisition, Acasti will acquire Grace’s pipeline of drug candidates addressing critical unfulfilled medical needs, and the potential to deliver significant value to patients and providers.

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Scientist pipetting research samples into a microtiter plate

Caprion Biosciences Inc.

Caprion Biosciences Inc. in its sale to Arsenal

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Scientist Extracting a Rack Tube With Urine Samples


Aceto, a global provider of specialty materials in the life sciences and advanced technology markets, in its acquisition of A&C, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturer specializing in providing pharmaceutical ingredients to the global life sciences industry.

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