Transportation and Logistics

Truck with container on highway, cargo transportation concept.

Businesses and stakeholders operating in Canada's transportation and logistics sector are facing more pressure than ever to deliver goods consistently, safely and on time – all while the industry continues to evolve. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which requires contending with a wide range of external factors across multiple jurisdictions, ranging from North American weather conditions; to supply chain management; to finding the right transportation mode, carrier and route to incorporating new and innovative technologies. Urban congestion generates supply chain delays, while Canada’s sparsely populated regions pose infrastructural challenges. In addition, regulatory authorities are increasing their focus on environmental protection and stepping up enforcement efforts with respect to enhancing transportation safety, among other things.

How we can help

Navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the transportation and logistics industry requires significant resources which encompass many areas of law. At Osler, we understand that the challenges you face are unique. We draw on our team of national experts to provide you with a full suite of legal services on all matters that intersect with the transportation and logistics sector across all jurisdictions you may operate within. We have advised investors, lenders, contractors, operators, governments and regulators through full infrastructure lifecycles, regulatory compliance matters, procurement structures and complex financing, refinancing, M&A, and operational and maintenance solutions. When a dispute arises, our leading litigation experts will act swiftly to protect your business interests and minimize disruption.

Strategic, innovative and bespoke in our approach, we provide national and international perspectives in helping you pursue your business goals.