Transportation & Logistics – Commercial Technology Transactions

As more people purchase goods online, and as numerous industries, from health care to grocery, evaluate their supply chain needs for a post-pandemic world, ordering, logistics and delivery has become top of mind for many executives. An increasing number of companies are looking to re-engineer their logistics requirements and modernize the technology systems underpinning their inventory and fulfilment functions. Some participants have outsourced these aspects of their business to more specialized partners.

With the ordering and fulfilment supply chain becoming ever more complex, companies must ensure their logistics agreements are developed properly and consider the potential legal issues and challenges that could arise.

Osler’s Commercial Technology Transactions team has years of experience advising transportation and logistics providers on complex legal arrangements to enable the efficient delivery of goods and services. We have worked with large logistics companies to develop agreements with a national grocery retailer, negotiated several complex, third-party logistics and outsourcing agreements with customers in the healthcare and big-box retail sectors, and worked with a national shipping company to restructure a critical outsourcing relationship.

Having an experienced legal team to advise on complex technology and outsourcing arrangements helps transportation and logistics clients deliver positive customer experiences, add value and drive loyalty.


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