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Between ongoing factory closures, labour and material shortages, port delays and unprecedented demand for goods, the global business community faces numerous challenges in securing product stock, transporting it to retailers and ultimately delivering it to customers.

But these pandemic-related issues also reveal promising opportunities for the transportation and logistics sectors to strengthen and adapt their operations. Business continuity plans, supply chain logistics technologies, increased due diligence on suppliers and subcontractors further down the supply chain, and flexible contracting provide avenues for businesses to manage disruption and minimize their risk.

We know the concerns and circumstances of your business are unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Osler’s lawyers have extensive experience navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape affecting transportation and distribution services across jurisdictions. We have advised operators, contractors and investors on procurement strategies, manufacturing and supply agreements, project financing, regulatory compliance matters and other business-critical issues.

With the success of your operations riding on such an intricate web of factors, turn to Osler’s Distribution & Supply Chain Services team to advise on your commercial arrangements with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

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Swyft, a Toronto-based rapid logistics company, announced its completion of a US$17.5 million Series A financing. Proceeds from the financing will be put towards further expansion in Canada and the United States.

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Calgary-based Attabotics, a robotics company focused on selling, designing, manufacturing and implementing 3D supply chain systems, completed its US$50 million Series C financing round. Attabotics’ innovative product reduces warehouse needs by 85%.

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