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Osler’s in-house Discovery Management group offers a full range of discovery services to save clients time and money when they are required to produce their data to third parties. Our team of interdisciplinary discovery specialists (comprised of lawyers, law clerks, project managers and technical analysts) leverages technology to host, process and review your data to ensure a cost-effective and defensible outcome.

Our team combines our deep technical expertise, legal judgment, leading AI and analytics-based technologies (such as Relativity) with automated and tested processes to mine extensive data collections for key documents and relevant information; streamlining the review process and drastically reducing the cost and time discovery demands.


We understand that no two matters are the same, and our team will assess your unique needs to determine the best way to apply our resources to process and review your data faster, more cost-effectively and more thoroughly; ensuring that the process, workflow and technology employed on a matter will hold up to scrutiny by courts, other litigants or regulators.

Discovery Management process

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Adapted from EDRM


Information Governance
Organize your electronic information to mitigate risk and expenses in the event of eDiscovery issues.
Work with you to determine the scope, breadth and depth of discovery, and identify potential sources of relevant data.
Ensure that appropriate business protocols are in place to protect against the alteration or destruction of relevant data.
Create an overall plan for gathering relevant data, including litigation hold procedures, for use in the eDiscovery process.
Reduce the volume of electronic and paper documents and converting it, if necessary, to clear and concise forms suitable for review and analysis.
Assist with internal and external document review, managing protocols, timelines, and costs.
Cull and filter the volume of documents, using smart search technology and advanced analytics, to access the information most relevant to your case.
Deliver the crucial documents, including electronically stored information, that support your lawyers throughout discovery, trial, investigations, and audits.
Assist with the technology and electronic trial materials for examinations and courtroom presentations.


Related Expertise

Jennifer Thompson

Head, Osler Works – Disputes
  • Supplementary Information Requests (SIRs)

    SIRs are regulatory reviews respecting the competitive impact of certain M&A in the Canadian marketplace. They demand action within 90 days. We regularly represent buyers and sellers contending with SIRs. This entails the mobilization of resources to ensure that millions of records are collected, processed and reviewed in short timeframes. Utilizing data analytics and deep experience in contending with SIRs, we are able to respond on time and cost-efficiently with minimal burden on our clients.

  • Tax Litigation Matters

    Tax litigation often involves factual matters that occurred several years in the past. Assisting our Tax Litigators, we are able to effectively locate relevant historical documentary evidence. We have knowledge of how firms save and store historical information as well as experience in the restoration of legacy data.

  • Complex, Multi-party Construction Litigation Matters

    In representing owners in several large-scale, multimillion-dollar construction actions we use the newest discovery-based data analytics, including machine learning, to par down terabytes of data to the documents that actually matter for the case team. These processes have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in discovery costs.

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Our Discovery Management Group leverages Relativity to enable a stronger focus on e-discovery through:

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Powerful searching and workflow capabilities
  • Real-time updates
  • Tools for collaboration with lawyers

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