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With decades of experience advising successfully on innovative and market-leading M&A transactions, Osler can be trusted to provide clients with the right level of advice to lead a successful deal. In addition, Osler brings extensive experience in foreign investment, providing strategic advice to our clients contemplating transactions that may require Investment Canada Act approval. Our team understands the necessity for an integrated legal, government relations and public relations strategy in order to effectively achieve a successful transaction, including dealing with foreign investment review and national security issues. Our team’s combined expertise in M&A and foreign investment helps Asia-based businesses enter the Canadian market.


Osler lawyers have significant experience advising Asia-based clients that have made strategic investments in the Canadian marketplace. We have also been retained on international matters for Asia-based clients. No other Canadian law firm combines market-leading M&A and foreign investment expertise with deep experience advising Asia-based enterprises.



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Partner, Competition/Antitrust & Foreign Investment
  • China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

    China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. in its proposed acquisition of IXM B.V. from NCCL Natural Resources Investment Fund for US$495 million

  • ConocoPhillips 康菲公司

    ConocoPhillips in their agreement to sell their 9% interest in Syncrude for US$ 4.65 billion to subsidiaries of Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Company. 康菲公司作价46.5亿美元将其在Syncrude油砂开发项目中9%的权益出售给中国石化国际石油勘探开发有限公司的子公司。

  • Phoenix Energy Holdings Limited 凤凰能源控股有限公司

    Phoenix Energy Holdings Limited, a Canadian subsidiary of PetroChina, on its partnership with TransCanada Corporation and its affiliates to construct, own and operate the Grand Rapids Pipeline System and its commitment to ship on the system. 中国石油的加拿大子公司——凤凰能源控股有限公司与横加管道公司(TransCanada Corporation)及其关联公司合作建设、所有和运作急流管道系统(Grand Rapids Pipeline System)及凤凰能源承诺使用该管道系统运输石油产品的相关交易。

  • Winsway Coking Coal Holdings Ltd. 永辉实业控股股份有限公司

    Winsway Coking Coal Holdings Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation in their $1 billion acquisition of Grande Cache Coal. 永辉实业控股股份有限公司与日本丸红株式会社作价10亿加元收购加拿大Grande Cache Coal煤矿公司。

  • China Investment Corporation 中国投资公司

    China Investment Corporation in connection with its $435 million purchase of a 5% interest in the equity of Penn West Energy Trust and its agreement with Penn West to form a partnership and invest $817 million to develop certain bitumen assets located in Alberta. 中国投资公司作价4.35亿加元购入加拿大畔西能源信托公司(Penn West Energy Trust)5%的权益,并与Penn West协议成立合伙企业并投资8.17亿加元用以开发加拿大艾伯塔省的油砂资源。

  • PetroChina 中国石油

    PetroChina in all aspects of the MacKay River Commercial oil sands project and all regulatory and environmental approvals for the Dover oil sands project. 中国石油位于马凯河的商业油砂项目(MacKay River Commercial oil sands project)的各方面法律事务以及多佛油砂项目(Dover oil sands project)在行政和环境审批方面的法律事务。

  • POSCO of Korea, China Steel Corporation of Taiwan, leading Asian financial institutions 韩国浦项制铁公司、台湾中钢公司及多家亚洲大型金融机构

    A consortium of buyers, led by POSCO of Korea and including China Steel Corporation of Taiwan and certain leading Asian financial institutions, on its $1.1 billion purchase of a 15% interest in ArcelorMittal’s Canadian iron ore business. 由韩国浦项制铁公司、台湾中钢公司及多家亚洲金融机构牵头的财团作价10.1亿加元收购安赛乐米塔尔公司位于加拿大的资产中15%的权益。

  • Nexen Inc. 尼克森公司

    Nexen Inc. in the sale of 40% working interest in its shale gas assets to a consortium led by INPEX and in the creation of a strategic partnership to develop those shale gas assets. 尼克森公司向日本国際石油開発帝石株式会社牵头的财团出售其页岩气资产中40%的权益,并成立战略性合伙企业以开发所出售的页岩气资产。

  • PETRONAS 马来西亚国家石油公司

    A shareholder of Progress in its $6 billion acquisition by PETRONAS. 在马来西亚国家石油公司作价60亿加元收购Progress公司的交易中代表Progress的一位股东。

  • Korea Investment Corporation 韩国投资公社

    Korea Investment Corporation in connection with strategic investments in Canada. 韩国投资公社在加拿大的战略性投资。