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The enhanced litigation support you’ve been looking for

Legal disputes are often complex, and frequently involve numerous workflows and tasks that are time consuming, but critical to the litigation process. Our team’s specialized expertise and decades of experience, paired with leading technology, enables us to provide a consistently high-quality, customized work product across every stage of the litigation process – from pre-claim risk assessment through to trial and appeal, and particularly during discovery. We deploy the optimal combination of people, processes and technology to deliver superior end-to-end litigation support services and a lower legal spend.

Who we are

Osler Works – Disputes is a talented team of experts – full-time specialized lawyers, legal professionals and technologists - who work together to deliver high quality results. As part of the broader Osler litigation team, Osler Works – Disputes plays an integral role in helping develop strategy related to data management, the discovery process and undertakings management - all providing better value to clients.

What we do

Our team streamlines the high-volume aspects of litigation, making the necessary process more efficient and cost effective. We support our clients every step of the way through e-discovery – from document and data identification, collection and culling, through to review, organization and production. Our team is also instrumental in handling responses to undertakings, preparing witnesses for their examinations, and drafting discovery scripts and summaries. In addition, clients rely on us for critical information governance support, such as developing document retention, storage and destruction policies.

How we do it

To optimize our effectiveness, the Osler Works – Disputes team is present through the entire lifecycle of a litigation matter. That way, our professionals gain a better sense of all the issues that are relevant to the file and can determine the most effective way of conducting evidence collection and review. We leverage market leading technology platforms, as well as proven tools such as checklists, automated documents, templates, precedents and models, to ensure that the work is done right and as efficiently as possible.

Discovery Management

Combining advanced AI and analytics software, proven processes, legal expertise and strategic partnerships with vendors enables us to execute fast, efficient discoveries.

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Undertakings Management

By organizing and tracking answers to undertakings, under advisements and refusals in our home-grown collaborative tool, we make the sometimes-painful undertakings process more organized, efficient and accurate.



Jennifer Thompson

Head, Osler Works – Disputes


  • Complex, Multi-party Construction Litigation Matters

    In representing owners in several large-scale, multimillion-dollar construction actions we use the newest discovery-based data analytics, including machine learning, to par down terabytes of data to the documents that actually matter for the case team. These processes have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in discovery costs.

  • Tax Litigation Matters

    Tax litigation often involves factual matters that occurred several years in the past. Assisting our Tax Litigators, we are able to effectively locate relevant historical documentary evidence. We have knowledge of how firms save and store historical information as well as experience in the restoration of legacy data.

  • Supplementary Information Requests (SIRs)

    SIRs are regulatory reviews respecting the competitive impact of certain M&A in the Canadian marketplace. They demand action within 90 days. We regularly represent buyers and sellers contending with SIRs. This entails the mobilization of resources to ensure that millions of records are collected, processed and reviewed in short timeframes. Utilizing data analytics and deep experience in contending with SIRs, we are able to respond on time and cost-efficiently with minimal burden on our clients.

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