Estoppel Express™

Save time, cut costs and avoid administrative hassle

Preparing, distributing and negotiating estoppel certificates are a standard closing condition in financing or selling multi-tenant properties. But the short turnaround times required during these transactions and the heavy administrative toll they take on your organization are costly.

There is a solution for you

Combining real estate expertise, technology and the talent of our Osler Works – Transactional team, we have streamlined the estoppel certificate production process. Our Estoppel Express service makes multi-tenant real estate transactions easier:

Estoppel Express: Estoppel certificate production for multi-tenant real estate transactions

How it works

Estoppel Express leverages Kira, Microsoft, DocuSign and Closing Folders to streamline the review, preparation, documentation, collection and negotiation of estoppel certificates on behalf of property owners. The result is a reduced turnaround time for the entire process and greater accuracy, giving you what you need to move your transaction forward, quickly and cost effectively.

(1) Review and analyze leases and agreements using Kira | (2) Create certificates | (3) Distribute electronically through DocuSign for quick review | (4) Organize approvals and final packages in Closing Folders

Getting started

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