Employment Compliance Stress Test

Mitigate employment-related risk

People can make or break a business – that’s a fact. One bad hire can wreak havoc on even the largest of companies. But what if your employment policies and procedures are making your business just as vulnerable as hiring the wrong people? Can your business withstand the impact of a fine or lawsuit?

We have the solution

Osler’s Employment Compliance Stress Test is our tool for helping in-house counsel and HR professionals rest easy. Designed to quickly identify key areas of vulnerability within your organization’s employment function, the stress test involves a targeted review of your key personnel policies and practices, focusing on troublesome “stress points” that repeatedly present challenges to businesses.

We help you overcome the stress of compliance, and underlying threat of invasive investigations or costly litigation, by providing you with the information to proactively address potential issues before they become problems.

When to take the Stress Test

  • Whenever a business is worried about compliance
  • When preparing to report to the Board of Directors
  • When preparing for a strategic transition
  • When acquiring a new business

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How it works:

We use our internally developed compliance framework to evaluate your employment practices and give you what you need, quickly and cost-effectively.

More than traditional legal services:

Osler’s Stress Test has been designed to provide you with expert advice that avoids the pain points of traditional legal services.  Our tool provides:

  • Visualized reporting
  • Actionable recommendations prioritized to your specific circumstances
  • Speed
  • Cost certainty
  • Multiple levels of service

We know that all businesses are different, so we’ve designed two types of stress tests — Core and Core+ — to meet specific needs. The stress tests provide a comprehensive review of the following policies and practices:

Features CORE CORE+
  • Basic terms of employment

  • Employment termination

  • Overtime and hours of work

  • Vacation

  • Core discrimination items

  • Harassment prevention

  • Pre-employment (hiring process)

  • Post-employment

  • Privacy and data protection

  • Workplace health and safety


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The Stress Test is for organizations with operations and employees in Ontario. Contact us to find out how we can help you mitigate employment-related risk using our cost-effective test.

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