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We manage discovery solutions in-house to save you time and money.

Osler’s in-house Discovery Management Group offers a full range of comprehensive and cost effective discovery services. We work closely with our clients to strategically design and execute customized discovery solutions that drive results. Our team of interdisciplinary discovery specialists (comprised of lawyers, law clerks and technical analysts) provide expert legal, technological, and management advice and support you through every stage of the process.

No two matters are the same. We will assess your unique needs to determine the best way to apply our resources to effectively manage each component of the discovery process. We can assist with a variety of targeted and extensive discovery and document review requirements, involving class actions, litigation and tax-related discovery requests.

We are experts on the current and evolving legal requirements surrounding discovery. Our team works to ensure that the process, workflow and technology employed on a matter will hold up to scrutiny by courts, other litigants or regulators.

While there is much that Osler’s Discovery Management Group can offer during the e-discovery process, it’s a two-way street from the organization’s perspective. Says Sarah Millar, partner and Head of Osler’s Discovery Management Group, “learning as much as possible about the e-discovery process is crucial before deciding to do any portion of it in house.” In a recent publication of Canadian Lawyer InHouse, Millar explores the process, identifies helpful tips that organizations should be mindful of and some of the critical components to ensure that e-discovery is done the right way.  Read the full article “Bringing e-discovery in-house.”

Discovery Management Process

Our comprehensive and streamlined discovery management process ensures maximum flexibility, efficiency, cost predictability, and containment.

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Larger version  |  Adapted from EDRM


Information Governance
Organize your electronic information to mitigate risk and expenses in the event of e-discovery issues.
Work with you to determine the scope, breadth and depth of discovery, and identify potential sources of relevant data.
Ensure that appropriate business protocols are in place to protect against the alteration or destruction of relevant data.
Create an overall plan for gathering relevant data, including litigation hold procedures, for use in the e-discovery process.
Reduce the volume of electronic and paper documents and converting it, if necessary, to clear and concise forms suitable for review and analysis.
Assist with internal and external document review, managing protocols, timelines, and costs.
Cull and filter the volume of documents, using smart search technology and advanced analytics, to access the information most relevant to your case.
Deliver the crucial documents, including electronically stored information, that support your lawyers throughout discovery, trial, investigations, and audits.
Assist with the technology and electronic trial materials for examinations and courtroom presentations.


Sarah Millar

Partner, Litigation
  • American Based Renewable Energy Company

    American Based Renewable Energy Company in the creation of a detailed discovery plan which included sourcing an urgent large scale document review to a preferred vendor with pre-negotiated preferred terms, managing the vendor, hosting remote access to the document database and integrating the document review into the arbitration process.

  • Goldcorp Inc.

    Goldcorp Inc. in the collection, review and production of client documents in a complex mining case and with several disputes over discovery issues as well as complex issues involving privilege, relevance and confidentiality.

  • Imperial Tobacco

    Imperial Tobacco in the cost-effective identification, preservation, collection, organization, review and production of client documents in all product related class actions across Canada since 1995 as well as the management and review of productions from other parties.

  • Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation

    Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation on data preservation obligations from multiple devices through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning while providing best practices to properly preserve documents in relation to a class action.

  • Vale Inco Limited

    Vale Inco Limited on the review and analysis of over 50,000 paper documents of a historical nature for documentary production in a class action common issues trial, including the assembly of a large joint book of documents for use at the common issues trial.

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Sarah Millar recognized
as a leading e-discovery practitioner

Sarah Millar, partner and the Head of Osler’s Discovery Management Group, was named by Who’s Who Legal in 2015 as one of the five most highly regarded individuals in e-discovery in Canada.

Learn more about Sarah’s recognition in Who’s Who Legal


Osler’s Discovery Management Group is supported by Relativity to reduce the time and costs associated with Discovery and enable you to get results faster and more effectively through:

  • robust processing
  • web-based interface
  • advanced analytics
  • real-time updates
  • tools for collaboration with lawyers

For more information about discovery solutions, please contact Sarah Millar, Head of the Discovery Management Group, at 

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