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AccessPrivacy by Osler helps in-house counsel, Chief Privacy Officers and compliance professionals excel in protecting, managing and leveraging their data with real, timely and actionable insights.

What is AccessPrivacy?

AccessPrivacy is Osler’s online platform with key resources to support privacy professionals and in-house counsel in their day-to-day privacy and access challenges. This subscription-based service will help you develop a strategic approach to privacy and information management. Register for free monthly calls and complimentary e-news updates, or sign up for a premium subscription so you can do a deeper dive into legislation, case law, and  regulatory findings, with resources that Osler’s privacy and data management team use every day.


Take full advantage with a subscription

With a premium subscription, you’ll have access to our Knowledge Portal, featuring:

  • Legislative reform portal: resources to help you understand the impact of federal and provincial legislative reform developments, including a clause-by-clause annotation of the proposed Consumer Privacy Protection Act        
  • Topic hubs: succinct summaries providing an overview of, and key regulatory guidance on, more than 100 access and privacy topics across the public, private and health sectors in Canada
  • Monthly scan: released before each monthly call, this snapshot of relevant developments saves you time with easily accessible links to source materials
  • Privacy in the Courts: a quarterly publication focused on recent court decisions and privacy law developments, as well as insight into what they mean for your organization
  • Tools and charts: easy-to-use resources that distill the complex arena of privacy and access law into straightforward visuals
  • Archive of AccessPrivacy calls: recordings of our previous AccessPrivacy calls so you can listen at your convenience

Key Benefits


Protect and manage your data

Stay on top of regulatory orders and guidance, legislative changes, and privacy jurisprudence


Save Time

Quickly search for practical summaries and easy-to-use resources that distill complex concepts into actionable takeaways


Work smarter

Leverage insights and expert advice to inform a strategic approach to your privacy and information management



Expert approved – benefit from access to the same resources Osler lawyers use every day in their own practices

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Video transcript

Welcome to AccessPrivacy, Osler’s online platform with key resources to support privacy professionals and in-house counsel in their day-to-day privacy and access challenges. AccessPrivacy is the Knowledge Management tool that Osler’s lawyers use every day in their own practice.

Here’s a look at some of the key features of this indispensable resource.

Want to stay ahead of the latest developments in privacy and access? Our E-News keeps you up-to-date. Stay informed by visiting the site regularly, or sign up to receive email updates directly to your inbox.

Topic Hubs, a key resource on the AccessPrivacy site, are a one-stop shop for background and relevant links on key topics of interest to privacy and access practitioners. Our topic hubs,  organized by Private Sector, Public Sector, and Health Sector, are updated on an on-going basis. All resources are vetted by our team of Osler lawyers. 

Taking a look at our Private Sector hub, you’ll find each topic hub is divided into several sections:

The Key Elements section provides a simple, plain-language review of the state of the law.

Along with Key Elements, you’ll find: statutory reference tables; key case law from the courts; findings & orders, showing decisions from regulators; and regulatory guidance.

Now looking at our Public Sector hub, you will find resources for both Ontario and the federal public sector. You can search for information in a variety of ways — whether browsing by subject, running keyword searches, or even by section number from Ontario's FIPAA legislation or the municipal legislation.

In addition to Private Sector and Public sector resources, our Health Sector portal contains a wealth of resources to help navigate the health privacy landscape. The Health portal features snapshot overviews, topic summaries, key orders and guidance and easy-to-use comparative charts, across all Canadian jurisdictions.

In our Resources section, we’ve packed a lot of content.

Privacy in the Courts is a quarterly review of Canadian jurisprudence and the latest from Canada’s courts about privacy. Each report offers expert commentary into potential implications for your organization.

You can also subscribe for notifications for our AccessPrivacy calls. These free conference calls offer expert insight on the latest developments on privacy and access. As a subscriber, you’ll also have access to all of our previous recordings.

The Monthly Scan provides a convenient one-page snapshot of recent regulatory decisions, guidance documents, case law and other notable developments in the privacy and access arena across Canada over the previous month.

Our Tools and Charts section contains handy pictograms, charts and infographics that help you navigate various areas of privacy and access law.

And finally, click on our Events section to access our upcoming events, including our monthly AccessPrivacy call, workshops and conferences.