Large Scale Projects

Large dam in river with blue skies and clouds.

Undertaking large-scale energy, natural resource and infrastructure projects relies on solid financial backing, innovative leadership and long-term vision. However, the successful completion of those initiatives also requires the involvement of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience to secure the necessary environmental and regulatory approvals, while addressing various stakeholder issues, as well as the interests of indigenous communities.

Osler’s Regulatory, Indigenous and Environmental Group is intentionally structured so that our lawyers in each of these four interrelated areas work together as a team to ensure our clients’ success. Using a coordinated, holistic approach, our professionals provide clients with access to a one-stop shop for all large-scale project approvals.  

In today’s increasingly complicated, costly and rapidly evolving regulatory regime, it is more important than ever to engage a legal team that can assess your situation from all applicable angles and offer insight into the environmental challenges and indigenous issues that may arise. We understand the myriad of ways these areas are interconnected and are committed to identifying potential pitfalls and creating strategic solutions aimed at ensuring that our clients’ projects proceed without delay or unnecessary conditions. Our clients benefit not only from this seamless approach, but also from the breadth and scope of our talent and from the unique perspective we offer into regulatory frameworks, environmental policies and indigenous matters, and how they impact one another throughout the development process.

We have represented a variety of companies in environmental assessments and regulatory proceedings to obtain approvals for major energy and infrastructure developments across Canada including major pipeline and transmission projects, power generation facilities, mining developments and oil and gas projects.

Listed below are some examples of our national experience.