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The Osler Trusts and Estates Group advises some of Canada’s most prominent families on estate planning matters including wealth preservation and its orderly transfer to the next generation.  We offer the full range of estate-related services from the planning stage, by way of wills, domestic contracts, business succession planning, planned giving, powers of attorney and trusts, to the administration of the estate or trust including advising executors and trustees and, in many cases, acting as their agents in the day-to-day administration of the estate.  When estate-related disputes arise, we can provide assistance through litigation or mediation.

Osler also provides advice on creating and operating charities and not-for-profit corporations and counts as clients, a number of schools, churches and public and private foundations.

Estate planning encompasses a variety of practice areas and Osler is well positioned to provide the necessary corporate, family, real estate and, tax advice required to create and administer an individualized estate plan that will suit your family needs and minimize your tax burden.


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