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Pension and Benefit Entitlements Upon Marriage Breakdown: The 2017 Legal Guide


Jan 30, 2017



Pensions & Benefits Partner, Doug Rienzo speaks at Osgoode Professional Development's The 2017 Legal Guide: Pension and Benefit Entitlements Upon Marriage Breakdown on the topic, Pension and Benefit Splitting Upon the Breakdown of the Spousal Relationship: Where the Law Stands Here and Now.

  • The legal framework under the Family Law Act and Pension Benefits Act
  • Regulatory reform – changes to understand
  • Who is considered a “spouse” and what is “property”?
  • Understanding defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) pensions
  • Dividing the Pension
  • Death Benefits and Survivor Benefits

Program Details:

Learn what you need to know about pension and benefit division on marriage breakdown, in this practical one-day course. An expert faculty will discuss:

  • How to get pension division right the first time
  • Spousal entitlements to extended health benefits, disability and life insurance
  • Common traps and pitfalls for practitioners – and how to avoid professional liability claims
  • Statutory limits, requirements and critical case law
  • Cross country landscape – interaction between the PBSA and provincial property laws
  • Equitable receivership and Pension Benefit its Act restrictions
  • How to argue for the best interpretation of reports in your client’s favour
  • Significant issues to consider before choosing an if-and-when agreement
  • Establishing a beneficial interest in a pension via the doctrine of unjust enrichment