In Person Event

The 2nd Annual Canadian Workplace Pensions Forum


Sep 27, 2016


Toronto, Ontario

Jana Steele will be giving Opening Comments on the second day as Chair of the conference.

The 2nd Annual Canadian Workplace Pensions Forum answers many questions and take away valuable lessons learned from prominent case studies.

  • How can you build a go-forward structure for your pension plan that takes the most recent regulatory changes into account?
  • What are the best practices for fund management and how can they be applied to both DB and DC plans?
  • How can good governance guidelines be practically implemented and realized in plan governance structures?
  • What impact is the digital transformation having on plans and their members? How can plans best transition to new methods of communication?
  • Can the market expect more large-scale annuity purchases? What can Canada learn from innovative derisking strategies in the UK?