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Things to know

  • Canada has lobbyist registration requirements at the federal, provincial and, in some cases, territorial and municipal levels
  • Lobbying typically encompasses communications with public officials regarding the making, developing or amending of legislative proposals, regulations, policies or programs, or the awarding of government grants, contributions or other financial benefit such as government contracts 
  • There are generally two types of lobbyists: consultant lobbyists and in-house lobbyists
    • Consultant lobbyists are hired by a corporation or organization to communicate with public officials on behalf of the corporation or organization
    • In-house lobbyists communicate with public office holders on behalf of the corporation or the organization that employs them
  • A corporation or organization with one or more in-house lobbyists may be required to register as a lobbyist in the applicable jurisdiction
  • Lobbyist registrations require periodic updates and renewals, including pro-active reports on certain changes in circumstances
  • Failure to comply with applicable lobbying registration requirements may result in prohibitions from lobbying activities and/or fines

Things to do

  • Determine whether your corporation or organization engages in any lobbying activities in Canadian jurisdictions with lobbyist registration requirements
  • Ensure your corporation or organization’s lobbyist registrations are complete and up to date, and that there is a procedure in place for determining when pro-active updates to registrations are required
  • Ensure employees engaged in lobbying activities are familiar with the applicable codes of conduct and rules regarding conflicts of interest
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