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Things to know

  • Many foreign companies use a .CA domain name to build goodwill and target consumers in Canada.
  • All .CA domain names must be registered by individuals or companies that meet “Canadian Presence Requirements” - even if the domain name is being used only to re-direct internet traffic to another URL.
  • Options for meeting the Canadian Presence Requirements include being:
    • A federally or provincially incorporated company (including a Canadian subsidiary of a foreign entity)
    • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
    • The holder of a trademark registered in Canada (but only where the domain name consists of or includes the exact word component of the registered trademark)
  • You can’t assume that because you have a registered trademark or have registered a business name, another person would be prevented from registering a .CA domain name that includes the same mark or name.
  • A .CA domain name can be registered for a term of one to ten years, and can be renewed for subsequent terms indefinitely as long as the registrant continues to meet the Canadian Presence Requirements.

Things to do

Check availability 

  • You can find out if a domain name is available by using the search function provided by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

Choose a registrar

  • All .CA domain names are registered through online retailers called Registrars - CIRA publishes a list of all certified Registrars to choose from.

Register your domain name

  • Because CIRA and Registrars only communicate (including for renewal notices) with the registrant and administrative contacts provided during the registration process, think twice before letting a third party, such as a marketing agency, register a domain name on your behalf and always ensure that registration information is up to date.
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