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Things to know

  • A consumer product that is a “danger to human health or safety”, subject to recall or corrective measures, or listed in Schedule 2 to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) may not be manufactured, imported, advertised or sold in Canada.
  • Documentation must be retained by manufacturers, importers, advertisers, sellers and testers of consumer products to allow for the tracing of consumer products through the supply chain.
  • An “incident” involving a consumer product (including health and safety issues and foreign recalls) must be reported to the Minister of Health.

Things to do

  • Develop and maintain a document retention protocol that complies with CPSA requirements.
  • Develop and maintain an incident response plan and a recall plan.
  • For certain products, including toys, children’s sleepwear, children’s jewellery, obtain and maintain safety information, including tests and studies, to demonstrate that the product complies with CPSA requirements (e.g., third party testing certifications).
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