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Litigation and disputes 101: Proactive risk management (Webinar)

Sep 5, 2019

Litigation and disputes are expensive, time consuming and can have negative consequences for an emerging and high growth company’s reputation, especially as it tries to scale. Yet as your company grows, the threat of litigation is sometimes unavoidable. Taking steps to minimize your litigation risk and being well prepared to confront a dispute should it arise are crucial.  

Emerging and high growth companies must also contend with litigation risks that might differ from larger companies, so seeking expert legal counsel is important for managing and guarding against any liabilities. This presentation by Craig Lockwood, a partner in Osler’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group, and Eric Morgan, an associate in Osler’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group, explains disputes in the emerging and high growth company context and offers practical tips for managing litigation risk. Available in both webinar and PowerPoint format, the goal of this presentation is to help you navigate and understand the following issues:

  • Negatives of litigation
  • Areas of potential disputes
  • Documenting arrangements and expectations
  • Document retention and organization
  • Ways of resolving disputes
  • Third-party funding  

Slides: Disputes 101 for Start-ups

For more information, please contact Craig Lockwood or Eric Morgan.

This presentation is part of Osler’s Emerging and High Growth Companies 101 series, designed to help emerging ventures navigate through the various issues and legal requirements they will encounter throughout their growth cycle.


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