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The Cross-Border Quarterly Report - Q4 2017

October 2017

The Cross-Border Quarterly Report is a snapshot of transactional activity across the Canada-U.S. border. The purpose of this report is to provide a quick download of market trends, actionable insights for decision-makers and to keep our readers ahead of the curve on where the cross-border market is heading.

An “America First” tax reform: Potential impact on Canadian companies

Republican Congressional leaders and the White House released a nine-page framework outlining key areas of U.S. tax reform. Given the interconnectedness of the Canadian and the U.S. economies, the proposals in this framework would have a significant and real impact on Canadian businesses. 

What this means for your business

OSC Staff’s latest report has implications for capital markets transactions

The Corporate Finance Branch of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) released its latest Annual Report, which outlines the policy views of OSC Staff in a number of areas, including prospectus disclosure and continuous disclosure. We highlight six areas of guidance from the latest report that have the potential to impact capital markets transactions.

What are the implications?

Trends & transactions: What’s fuelling the Canadian M&A markets?

Cash-rich corporate balance sheets, low financing costs and a strong U.S. economy have contributed to vibrant Canadian M&A markets over the past year. In the 2017 edition of Mergers & Acquisitions: Annual Review, published by Financier Worldwide, Osler partner Robert Yalden, Co-Chair of the firm’s National Mergers and Acquisitions Group, offers insight into trends in the Canadian and cross-border M&A landscape.

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Your guide to outsourcing and risk management

Canadian businesses that engage in cross-border outsourcing activities should be mindful of the various guidelines and requirements that might apply to these transactions in order to mitigate risk. In the Canada chapter of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Outsourcing 2017, 2nd Edition, Osler partners Simon Hodgett and Wendy Gross offer in-depth explanations of outsourcing transactions within the Canadian framework.

What you need to know about outsourcing transactions

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