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The Cross-Border Quarterly Report - Q3 2018

September 2018​

The Cross-Border Quarterly Report is a snapshot of transactional activity across the Canada-U.S. border. The purpose of this report is to provide a quick download of market trends, actionable insights for decision-makers and to keep our readers ahead of the curve on where the cross-border market is heading.

Why Canadian dealmakers should consider representations and warranties insurance

The recent reshaping of indemnification norms in U.S. private M&A deals caused by the exponential growth and widespread acceptance of representations and warranties insurance (R&W Insurance) is the most significant shift in the North American market since the death of the financing out in the mid-2000s. For a growing number of dealmakers in the U.S. and Canada, the question regarding R&W Insurance is when, not whether, to take the plunge. 
What do Canadian dealmakers need to know about R&W Insurance?

Private placement trade reporting is becoming easier in October

Welcome amendments to the Canadian Securities Administrators’ (CSA) 2016 rules and guidance for reporting sales of securities in Canada under private placement prospectus exemptions are scheduled to come into effect on October 5, 2018. 
Read about the most significant and helpful changes to the CSA’s rules

U.S. Guide to Class Actions in Canada

While class actions in Canada are, for the most part, similar to class actions in the U.S., our U.S. Guide to Class Actions in Canada serves to highlight key procedural and substantive differences that businesses should understand. This comprehensive guide reviews the issues relevant to all the stages of a class action proceeding from jurisdictional disputes at the pleadings stage to settlement considerations. 
View the guide

Comparative Legal Guide to Outsourcing

While there are no national laws in Canada applicable to all sectors that specifically regulate outsourcing, Canadian businesses that engage in cross-border outsourcing activities must be cognizant of the regulatory framework in which they operate. In the Canada chapter of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Outsourcing 2018, 3rd Edition, Osler technology partners offer in-depth explanations of outsourcing within the Canadian legal framework. 
Gain practical insight into outsourcing

Osler recognized as Canada’s leading corporate tax and tax litigation law firm by ITR

Osler is honoured to be recognized as both the Canadian Tax Firm of the Year and the Tax Court Firm of the Year at the International Tax Review's 13th annual Americas Tax Awards. Osler Tax partner Al Meghji was also named the Americas Tax Litigation & Disputes Practice Leader of the Year.
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