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Corporate Review - November 2013 - Introduction

November 2013

This edition of the Osler Corporate Review analyzes the comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA) reached in principle between Canada and the European Union, and the article’s authors suggest that Canadian businesses take account of the benefits available under CETA and other free trade agreements in their business plans. We then discuss the recent agreement signed by the federal government of Canada and the governments of British Columbia and Ontario to establish a cooperative capital markets regulator for Canada. The agreement contemplates a timeline that will result in participating provinces having one regulator to oversee uniform provincial securities legislation and federal systemic risk legislation in participating provinces by July 1, 2015.  With the heightened concern over cybersecurity threats, we review the recent response of Canadian and U.S. regulators to this threat and some of the measures they suggest that senior management and directors should consider implementing. And in our final article, we discuss the CSA’s proposed changes to auditor oversight rules, which will alter information provided by auditors to audit committees and regulators.