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From startup to scale up: Learn from industry leaders who have been there

Oct 31, 2018

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in growing their business, which can involve addressing issues related to hiring, financing, manufacturing, distribution and other elements. The scaling process can be complex and difficult to navigate, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.

During Canada’s tech week in September 2018, Osler and CIBC partnered to host Elevate ScaleUp to help entrepreneurs learn from industry leaders who have faced and conquered challenges in scaling their businesses. These startup veterans shared their experiences in becoming successful business builders and discussed a wide range of aspects entrepreneurs should consider when growing their company.

Watch the videos below to gain insight into the scaling process and what you need to know to successfully build your company.

How to successfully scale up a business

What changes as you scale up a business

What changes when you leverage AI to build your business

The challenges companies face explaining the impact of AI to their clients

The challenges founders face when scaling up

How founders should build company culture

When to get engaged on policy matters

Why understanding debt financing is important for founders