Scientific Research & Experimental Development tax claims and disputes

Canada’s Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program, designed to encourage innovation, technology and scientific advancement, is a complex regime of tax deductions and investment tax credits that can have a significant impact on the ongoing compliance and tax liability of a business. Developing an effective strategy to manage and defend claims requires experienced counsel with an in-depth technical understanding of the SR&ED program, the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) approach to assessing SR&ED claims, and the tax dispute resolution process, both at the federal and provincial level.   

Osler’s National Tax Group has extensive experience in managing SR&ED claims and disputes, advising clients across a number of industries including food and agriculture, natural resources, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and automotive. We provide advice throughout the cycle of SR&ED claims, including in connection with:

  • SR&ED claims – Strategic approaches to claiming eligible projects, including reporting and documentation;
  • CRA audits – Strategic responses to audit queries and responses to proposed assessments respecting scientific/technological eligibility and project costs;
  • CRA appeals/objections – Preparing objections and submissions relating to technical, costing and legal matters relating to SR&ED claims;
  • Litigation – Managing litigation before the Tax Court of Canada and federal courts, including leading expertise in experts and settlements. 

Contentious SR&ED issues

We have advised on a number of SR&ED issues at various points in the SR&ED cycle, including

  • advancement vs. routine engineering
  • experimental production vs. commercial production
  • project-based vs. activity-based assessments
  • systematic approach to resolving technological uncertainty
  • record keeping, including the requests for contemporaneous documentation
  • jurisdictional issues
  • operational expenses and capital expenses, including shared-use equipment
  • traditional vs. proxy method 

Québec SR&ED and other innovative tax credits

We have also advised on issues specific to the Québec SR&ED regime, including the qualification of salaries and wages for the Québec tax credit. We also have experience with other Québec innovative tax credits including

  • Incentive Deduction for the Commercialization of Innovations in Québec
  • Tax Credit for the Development of E-Business
  • The Tax Credit for the Production of Multimedia Titles

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