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Employment Law Hot Topics Webinar: Executive Retirement, AODA Compliance, Ending Employment Relationships

Oct 14, 2015

An update on risk management and developments in employment law. In addition to the Osler team, David Crawford, Partner, Hugessen Consulting Inc. joins us to discuss executive retirement challenges.

Topics include:

  • Managing executive retirement in the age of no mandatory retirement
  • Running the clock: Handling AODA compliance deadlines and avoiding fines - are you prepared for January 1, 2016?
  • Ending the employment relationship: Two recent cases with unusual facts and surprising results

Twelve Minute Sprint - Getting to the End Zone:

  • Supreme Court of Canada Twin Bill: Court addresses US government profiling allegations and clarifies what's required to prove discrimination
  • Reprisal complaints heard by the Ontario Labour Relations Board based on health and safety violations in B.C.
  • Famous Fumble: Employer misconduct costs an extra $100,000




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