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Canadian Real Estate Law: The Legal Guide to Real Estate 2016

Author(s): Stella Di Cresce

Feb, 2016

The 2018 Canadian real estate law guide is now available.

Investors looking to acquire, lease, finance or develop property in Canada can be rest assured that the Canadian real estate market continues to experience steady growth. But whether it be buying property in Canada or investing in commercial projects, domestic and foreign parties should have an understanding of the principal laws that govern Canadian real estate to successfully navigate the complexities of this market.

Osler partners Stella Di Cresce and Heather McKean provide practical insight into Canadian real estate law in the Canada chapter of The International Comparative Legal Guide to Real Estate 2016. The chapter offers thoughtful answers to common commercial real estate law queries – while also examining recent trends and significant developments in the market – and is written in an easily digestible question-and-answer format.

The Q&A provides a solid foundation for investors and developers interested in further exploring their possibilities within the burgeoning Canadian real estate sector. It includes an introduction to provincial and federal property laws as well as an in-depth look at public law permits and obligations. Additional topics covered in the chapter include:

  • Ownership
  • Real estate rights
  • The system of registration
  • The registry/registries
  • The real estate market
  • Liabilities of buyers and sellers in estate transactions
  • Finance and banking regulations
  • Tax rules
  • Leases of business premises
  • Climate change

DOWNLOAD PDF: Real Estate Law in Canada

This chapter originally appeared in the 11th edition of The International Comparative Guide to Real Estate, published by Global Legal Group.