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Employment law 101 for emerging companies (Webinar)

Feb 22, 2017

Emerging companies must navigate through a wide range of complex employment issues as they gain a foothold in the market and position themselves for a growth trajectory. In order to properly manage the associated risks, it’s crucial for emerging companies to be cognizant of several key employment law compliance issues they will be confronted with along the way.

These companies must also understand their obligations and rights when it comes to hiring and terminating employees in order to effectively manage potential liabilities and limit issues with respect to financing.

This presentation will cover five employment law issues consistently encountered by emerging companies in Canada to help them manoeuvre through these matters:

  • employees vs. independent contractors
  • hiring interns
  • the importance of employment agreements
  • key employment compliance issues
  • termination of employment

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For more information, please contact Steven Dickie, Osler associate in our Labour & Employment Practice Group.


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