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Canada: Employment & Labour Law – The In-House Lawyer Comparative Guide

Author(s): Brian Thiessen, KC, Sven Poysa, Shaun Parker, Allison Di Cesare, Jason Hanson

Apr 6 2018

In this chapter originally published in The In-House Lawyer’s comparative guide, Osler employment law experts provide a practical overview of employment and labour law in Canada.

Using a Q&A format, the chapter addresses current issues affecting employment and labour in the country and covers a range of topics, including the following:

  • termination of employment
  • ‘best practices’ that can mitigate an employer’s risks in terminating employment
  • protection for workers
  • financial compensation required under law or custom to terminate the employment relationship
  • common difficulties employers face when terminating employment
  • upcoming legal changes that are likely to affect the way employers approach termination of employment

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