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Ontario pensions and benefits: Opportunities and obligations - The road forward (Webinar)

Jun 5, 2018

In this webinar, Osler lawyers and special guest speakers discuss the new defined benefit funding rules and other current issues in pensions and benefits law.
Our discussion includes the following.

  • Ontario’s new DB funding rules come into focus – Implications for plan funding and investments
    • Overview of current funding rules and proposed new rules
    • Contrasting Quebec and Ontario approaches
    • Case Studies: Impact of new funding rules on different plans
    • Implications of new funding rules on pension investments
  • Trending issues and developments – An update on recent legal developments
    • Benefit plans: how will marijuana legalization impact employer benefit plans?
    • Changing pension regulation: what do new regulatory powers and FSRA mean for Ontario plans?
    • Pension de-risking: does Ontario’s new buy-out annuity discharge provide new opportunities?
    • Variable benefit payments for DC plans: What the proposed regulations mean

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