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Diversity, fundraising among topics covered during Osler’s Annual Women’s Event webinar

Author(s): May Cheng

Nov 19, 2021

Having a diverse board with varied experiences and backgrounds and offering a range of perspectives has made their companies better, a panel of three successful women founders told participants in Osler’s Annual Women’s Event webinar.

The event was hosted by Osler’s May Cheng, partner, Intellectual Property, and was moderated by Michelle McBane, Managing Director at StandUp Ventures, a seed-stage fund investing across Canada in female-led or co-led high growth ventures. The panelists were founders of fast-growing venture-backed companies.

Building a strong management team, and having this team in place at the time of fundraising, was seen as important when seeking institutional capital. At least one panelist, Stephany Lapierre, founder and CEO of Tealbook, found virtual fundraising during the pandemic to be beneficial. She described the process as being more transactional, with no time for small talk or formalities.

The panelists agreed that recruitment and retention has been a challenge, but that extending their search beyond their traditional network has been fruitful. Looking at the best ways to retain this talent has also been a focus for these founders. Authenticity and company culture are among the key traits current recruits are looking for when considering joining tech start-ups.

The webinar was sponsored by Osler’s Women Lawyers’ Network which is committed to the advancement, support and promotion of women in law and business.

Watch the full Osler's Annual Women's Event webinar