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How technology and AI are transforming the construction and infrastructure industry (Webinar)

Author(s): Simon Hodgett, Andrew Wong

Mar 30, 2021

The construction industry is undergoing a time of transformational change that has been accelerated in many ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more, the intersection of construction and technology is leading to new trends, challenges and opportunities. In particular, efforts to reduce fragmentation on projects have led to increased consolidated and integration – driven in large part by technology. Industry participants are also keen to find ways to effectively leverage the significant amounts of data they’re generating.

In this special webinar, Osler lawyers Simon Hodgett, partner in our Technology Group, and Andrew Wong, partner in our Commercial Group, are joined by Rosemarie Lipman, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Digital and Data Engineering, at EllisDon. Together, they provide an engaging look at how technology and AI are transforming the construction and infrastructure industry, drawing on specific examples from EllisDon’s approach and leveraging Osler’s experience in the area.

This webinar covers key topics related to how technology, AI and data are driving new efficiencies and creating opportunities in the industry, including:

  • The transformation of traditional construction businesses to data-driven enterprises
  • How data from construction projects has become an asset (and a source of revenue)
  • How COVID-19 and remote work have accelerated changes in the way projects are delivered
  • The potential legal issues that can arise, including those related to procurement, contracts, ownership, privacy, data protection and cybersecurity
  • Managing project and supply chain risk with the right contracting approach
  • A look at expected future trends

By keeping up with emerging developments in the construction and infrastructure industry, your organization will be able to stay ahead of the curve – and your competition.

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