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Insights on the CCDC’s new standard form contracts – webinar series

Author(s): Andrew Wong, Paula Olexiuk, Joel Heard, Ethan McCarthy, Jagriti Singh

Jun 11, 2021

Standard contracts that fall under the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) have been updated and a new consultant services contract has been developed to reflect changing legislation and evolving industry practices. These changes are addressed in Osler’s four-part webinar series, “Insights on the CCDC’s new standard form contracts.”

In this webinar series, members of Osler’s Chambers-ranked National Construction and Infrastructure Group share insights and observations about the new standard form contracts released by the CCDC.

Each topic in the series will help you prepare to navigate the changes in this area of the industry.

Buildings under sonstruction.

The new CCDC documents overview

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Business man signing papers.

CCDC 2 (2020) – Unravel the changes

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Stack of papers.

CCDC 31 (2020) – A new consultant contract

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Draftes person looking over papers.

CCDC 30 (2018) – Understand the integrated project delivery contract

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