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New CCDC document series kicks off with overview

Author(s): Andrew Wong, Jagriti Singh

May 11, 2021

Standard contracts that fall under the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) have been updated and a new consultant services contract has been developed to reflect changing legislation and evolving industry practices. These changes are addressed in Osler’s four-part webinar series “Insights on the CCDC’s new standard form contracts.” In the first webinar, Andrew Wong, partner, Commercial, and Jagriti Singh, associate, Commercial, provide an overview of the series.

Andrew discusses how the CCDC 30 multiparty contract is based on an integrated project delivery model that sets out the process for how the project is to proceed and how the contract terms are to be fulfilled. The project is led by three teams – senior management, project management and project implementation – and proceeds through four phases: validation, design procurement, construction and warranty. Both the project and contract structure are designed to promote information sharing, open communication, transparency and collaborative decision-making.

Jagriti covers CCDC 2 and CCDC 31 – both two party contracts and both based on the traditional design-bid-build project model. CCDC 2 has gone through significant changes, including a new Ready-for-Takeover (RFT) provision which comes into play after substantial performance of the work is done, but before the work is completed. RFT could potentially impact insurance requirements, indemnification and waiver of claim, and warranty. Further changes include both the owner and general contractor now having responsibility for construction safety.

Updates to CCDC 2, CCDC 31 and CCDC 30 are addressed in detail in the webinar series.

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