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Summer 2021 economic update with Stephen Poloz (Webinar)

Jul 27, 2021

As vaccination rates increase across the country, provinces move forward in their re-opening plans and restrictions ease at the Canada-U.S. border, governments and businesses continue to navigate rapidly changing economic and political circumstances.

In this informative webinar, the fourth in an ongoing series, Osler Special Advisor and former Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz speaks with Osler National Co-Chair Dale Ponder to review recent developments and forecast Canada’s transition into a post-pandemic economy.

Topics examined during their conversation include:

  • the impact of the 2021 federal budget
  • the K-shaped economic recovery and how it differs from previous recessions
  • how policymakers can avoid long-term economic scarring
  • shifting perspectives on the economy in the face of social and climate change
  • the effect of global trends in immigration on Canada’s economic recovery and growth
  • the current state of inflation in Canada

Stephen’s unique experience and keen insights on complex economic and market forces make this essential viewing for business professionals and investors during these uncertain times.


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